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Trees add both beauty and value to your home, but storms, wind, and ice can wreak havoc on ones that aren’t properly cared for. When it comes to protecting the trees on your property, tree care maintenance is key to preventing major trimming or even total removal.

You can avoid unwanted tree problems by hiring a reputable professional to identify areas that are susceptible to damage and provide proper care to deter disease and subsequent decay. Decayed wood is a common cause of tree damage; in the main trunk, it puts the entire tree at risk. Other issues an expert can spot ahead of time include weak branches and unstable root systems that make a tree more likely to blow over. They can also advise you on techniques for mulching and other practices that will help keep your trees stately and storm-strong.

If your trees do suffer damage, a trusted tree professional can provide emergency service to safely remove dangling limbs away from power lines or structures, provide treatments like straightening and wound repair, and even install a brace or other support to protect a tree—and any nearby structures—from further damage in the future.

By investing now in the quality care of your trees, you can add years to their lives—and avoid costly surprises later when weather strikes. 

Professional services

Free estimates. Competitively priced. Insured.

  • Tree pruning
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Emergency tree care
  • Tree health maintenance

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  • Low monthly payments on your electric bill (FirstEnergy operating company customers)*


* For up to 36 months (with approved credit). This program is available to customers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia only.

Last Modified: September 18, 2017