Ethics and Business Conduct

Business need

The highest standards of business conduct and ethical behavior are the foundation for FirstEnergy achieving its vision.

Business standards 

Standards for ethical and legal behavior are set forth in FirstEnergy's Code of Business Conduct and supplemented by related Business Practices. All employees will be provided a work environment free of harassment, discrimination, and unlawful or unethical business activities. Employees will conduct themselves in accordance with all laws and the highest ethical standards when interacting with customers, suppliers, and other employees.

An Employee Concerns Line is provided to ensure that employees have the means to report potential violations and to provide an atmosphere for open communication of ethics and compliance issues. Any employee may use the Employee Concerns Line to report actual or suspected violations of FirstEnergy business conduct standards, without fear of retribution and in confidence.

Authority and responsibility

A designated member of the Leadership Council is the Chief Ethics Officer. The Chief Ethics Officer has the authority to resolve questions dealing with proper ethical conduct, including matters related to conflicts of interest. The Chief Ethics Officer's responsibilities include establishing procedures to monitor compliance with ethics and business conduct standards, overseeing compliance with ethics and business conduct standards, ensuring that appropriate action is taken on reports of ethics and business conduct violations, developing training programs, and making appropriate changes to ethics and compliance policies to respond to violations and potential legal and/or regulatory changes.

FirstEnergy management, with assistance from the Legal Department, is responsible for identifying those laws and regulations that affect their operations and for implementing work practices that promote compliance and timely identification of any violations. If a potential violation of law or FirstEnergy's ethics and business conduct policies occurs, it must be communicated in a timely manner to the Chief Ethics Officer by local management or through the Employees Concerns Line. Employees are also encouraged to discuss problems or concerns with their supervisors. If they are unable to resolve the issue or if employees are uncomfortable discussing the issue with them, employees should seek assistance from other channels such as: the Legal or Human Resources departments, the Chief Ethics Officer or the Employee Concerns Line.

The Chief Ethics Officer will ensure that the appropriate action is taken on reports of ethics and business conduct violations. 


The policies related to ethics and the Code of Business Conduct apply to employees of FirstEnergy. The Employee Concerns Line is available to all employees of FirstEnergy for assistance with ethics and compliance matters, reporting improper business conduct and conflicts of interest, and reporting potential instances of non-compliance.

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Last Modified: February 12, 2018