Please Be Aware
We would like to warn our customers about payment scams and other forms of fraud.

For Payment of Security Deposits

Go to Other Ways to Pay.  Please note, you are not able to pay for a security deposit online prior to your service start date.

Bill Payments

For your convenience, FirstEnergy has provided a number of options for receiving and paying your electric bill. Choose from the helpful features below.

Billing Option: eBill Electronic Billing

No more paper! Receive your bills electronically and access them anytime online, day or night.  Learn more | Enroll  

Payment Options

How would you like to pay? One-time payment  Monthly, automatic payment   

Direct withdrawal from my
checking or savings account

Make a payment

Learn more | Enroll

Use my credit card

Make a payment

Learn more | Enroll*

By enrolling, you also must be set up to receive your bill electronically.

Equal Payment Plan
(Available in New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania)

Make uniform bill payments to help you avoid seasonal fluctuation of payment amounts.   Learn more |Enroll

Average Payment Plan
(Available in Maryland and West Virginia)

For residential customers who wish to level out their bill payments. Learn more

Sign Up for Installment Plan
(Available in Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia)

For residential customers who find it difficult to pay their electric bill on time,
we may be able to arrange an extended payment plan.
Learn more

Other Ways to Pay


Pay by Phone
Use our automated phone system to pay your bill at anytime.


Pay in Person
Find a convenient, authorized payment location where you can drop off your payment.


Pay by Mail
Find your operating company's address to send your payment. 


Assistance and Service Programs
Review a list of programs available for assistance paying your bill.