Interconnection FAQs

Does the Company offer any incentives for customers installing renewable energy generation?

There are currently no company-sponsored rebate or incentive programs available for the installation of customer-owned self-generation systems; however, there may be state or federal incentives available. One source of information on state and federal programs is*

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I have the very best property for a wind or solar farm. Who can I talk to about leasing my property or partnering with the Company?

The Company does not own generation facilities and is not looking for locations to site any generation

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Who should I call to install or purchase my system?

The Company does not maintain any vendor or installer listing or provide any vendor or installer names.

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I want to install a solar energy system or wind turbine. What are the company requirements? What forms do I need?

View our interconnection requirements.

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I want to install a solar energy system or wind turbine. How much will you pay for my excess energy?

The Company has a net energy metering tariff addressing compensation for excess energy from renewable energy facilities. A copy of the Net Energy Metering Rider rate schedule is available at Ohio tariffs page. Also, See:*

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Is Net-metering available where I live?

Net-metering is available to customers installing eligible energy production facilities throughout the FirstEnergy service territories. Each kWh of energy received from the customer offsets the energy delivered to the customer on a one for one basis, up to the amount of energy delivered to the customer during a billing period. Excess energy received from the customer is credited to the customer's account at the applicable generation component of the customer's rate schedule. See:*

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Is it cost effective for me to install a renewable energy system?

The Company cannot make this decision.  It’s up to the customer to make this determination.  There are many factors to consider such as the total installed cost of your system including maintenance costs, how much energy it will produce, the value of the energy you won’t have to purchase, how long will the system last and very importantly, the finance costs of the lost earnings on the money you will need to purchase & install the system.  There are several analysis tools available on the internet. A fairly easy to use one can be accessed at the following website:*

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Additional Resources

National Renewable Energy Laboratory*

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network:*

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association*

Solar Energy Industries Association:*

PVWATTS calculates electrical energy:

Financial Analysis Tools:*

Renewable Energy Center:*

PUCO Net Metering FAQs:*


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