Planning for Little Blue Run Closure

The Bruce Mansfield Plant, located in Shippingport, Pa., utilizes scrubbers to remove sulfur dioxide (SO2) and other materials from the plant’s emissions.  As part of this process, coal combustion byproducts (CCBs) are created and then placed at the Little Blue Run disposal facility. The CCB material is predominantly limestone-based scrubber slurry mixed with fly ash and stabilizing agents.

FirstEnergy will no longer place CCBs into the Little Blue Run disposal facility beyond December 31, 2016.

In April 2014, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) issued a permit to permanently close the facility over a 12-year period.  Planning and design work for the closure plan are already underway, and closure activities at the site are scheduled to begin in 2017.

To close Little Blue Run, FirstEnergy will cover the entire facility with synthetic liner to minimize storm water contact with the CCBs.  A foot of topsoil taken from FirstEnergy-owned land at the facility will be placed over the liner and seeded to provide vegetation cover.

The liner will be installed in phases to ensure the liner and top soil cover are properly installed and aligned.  During closure, the existing pool will be reduced to approximately 100 acres to be used for sedimentation control. After closure activities are complete, a lined sedimentation pond area will remain.

The disposal facility will be closed and monitored in a safe and environmentally responsible fashion.  Following final closure, FirstEnergy will continue extensive inspections and environmental monitoring programs at the disposal facility, including dam safety and ground and surface water monitoring.



Last Modified: February 8, 2016