Land Protection, Reclamation & Remediation

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FirstEnergy has found new and different ways to develop and redevelop real estate assets that might otherwise remain unused. In Erie, Pa., our former Front Street Power Station has been transformed into an award-winning waterfront complex that includes a library and a nautical museum. We worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and government officials to redevelop the site, helping the local economy in the process.

In Akron, FirstEnergy reclaimed a former coal ash collection site and transformed it into the Patterson Avenue Sports Complex, with six public baseball fields. This work involved a unique collaboration with the City of Akron and EPRI, with oversight by the Ohio EPA.

FirstEnergy has taken action to provide environmental remediation at the site of facilities once owned by our companies or predecessor companies. These sites include the former locations of power plants, ash storage facilities and historic manufactured gas plants. Work is under way at many of these sites, and planned at others throughout our service area. Some of these sites date back more than 100 years, to a time when the importance of environmental protection was not widely understood or recognized. We are dedicated to a course of environmental remediation that restores the land to use and mitigates any potential hazards left behind by previous activity.

Hike and bike trails in Summit County

We collaborated with Summit Metro Parks to pave the way to extend bike and hike trails throughout the area. The program began in 1971 to access the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the Metro Parks. Over the years, adjoining community parks also have been linked by roads and trailways. This program has allowed us to build needed power lines in the area, while providing bike paths and green space. The partnership combines natural habitat with conservation, while remaining park funds are spent on other environmental efforts. Visit the parks and see all they have to offer:


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