Manufacturing continues to be the largest employer in Ohio's economy, but important growth sectors include research and emerging technology. FirstEnergy’s Ohio service territory, located midway between Chicago and New York, puts it within 500 miles of nearly two-thirds of the total U.S. population, income and manufacturing activity.

  • Population: 5.5 million service territory
  • Labor Force: 2.9 million
  • Industry: 213,746 establishments

Within a 500-mile radius

  • 50% of the nation’s population
  • 55% of the nation’s manufacturing population
  • 60% of the nation’s buying power
  • 42 major American and Canadian cities


  • Accessible to international waterways and regional and international airports
  • Dominant trucking industry and inter modal freight centers 6,100 miles of railroad track


  • 14 - 17% of the raw steel produced in the U.S. comes from Ohio
  • Ohio ranks second in the U.S. in value-added in both assembly and parts operations in the motor vehicle industry
  • Ohio ranks first in manufacture of rubber products and second in plastics products in the U.S.
  • Ohio ranks second in the nation in fruit and vegetable processing and the production of specialty foods
  • Over 2000 companies in Ohio performed industrial R&D ranking it fourth in the number of such companies and tenth in funds spent in the U.S.


Electric power is provided to FirstEnergy Corp’s Ohio service area by:

  • Ohio Edison Company
  • The Toledo Edison Company
  • The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company

Development Assistance

FirstEnergy’s local Economic Development staff knows the area and business. Our presence here has allowed us to establish good working relationships with international, national, state and local economic development agencies and professionals. Please contact us for assistance and introductions.