EPRI Industrial Power Quality Training Videos

As a follow-up to our Industrial Power Quality training classes, these complementary training videos from EPRI* will help solidify the concepts for both the utility members and their customers:

Visualizing PQ Drive Parameters for Improved Voltage Sag Ride-Through 
This video demonstrates the voltage sag susceptibility of AC drive systems and how to improve the drive’s robustness through parameter changes.

Understanding PLC Voltage Sag Ride-through: AC and DC Powered Systems 
This video demonstrates the differences in voltage sag ride-through between an AC powered PLC system and a DC Powered PLC system.

Power Conditioning to Enhance Control System Voltage Sag Ride-Through: The Constant-Voltage Transformer 
This video shows how a CVT can be utilized to harden the voltage sag response of an automated control system.


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Last Modified: October 3, 2018