Shopping for Electricity

Ohio's Electric Choice program lets you choose your supplier of electric generation. Your electric distribution utility - either The Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison, or Toledo Edison - continues to deliver electricity to your home as reliably as always. However, you now have the option of either keeping your electric distribution utility as your electric generation supplier or choosing a different company. To make it easier for you to weigh competing offers and determine your potential savings, your electric bill includes a Price to Compare feature.

What is the Price to Compare?
The Price to Compare is calculated by taking the amount of your Bypassable Generation and Transmission Related Component and dividing it by the total number of kilowatt-hours used for the month. An alternative supplier's price for generation and transmission must be lower than your price to compare for you to save money with that supplier.

Where can I find my Price to Compare?
When shopping for a supplier, please keep handy your most recent The Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison, or Toledo Edison bill that includes your Price to Compare. This will make comparing offers easier. The bill also shows your customer number, which a supplier will need to enroll you as their customer.