How to Shop

Shopping for electricity isn't difficult. Like the other shopping you do, it involves three steps: gathering information, checking prices and making a choice.
Gather Information
The place to begin is with the material Penelec sent you along with this Shopping Guide. It includes information you'll need to make a smart decision, including your 12-month energy use history, a list of eligible suppliers and your price to compare. The price to compare will help you determine whether a supplier's electricity price will save you money.
Check Prices
After reviewing the material, start contacting the suppliers by phone or on the Internet. To sell electricity in NY, each supplier has to meet eligibility requirements established by the New York Public Service Commission and the utility whose customers they will serve.

Ask questions and compare the prices and services offered by the suppliers. Evaluate those factors against Penelec's price to compare. If the suppliers price is less than your Penelec price to compare, the difference represents your potential savings on the cost of electricity supply. (You must contact the individual suppliers for details on their pricing.)
Make a Choice
If you decide to buy your electricity from a supplier, the supplier you select will ask for your 20-digit customer number. By providing your customer number to the supplier, you are authorizing the supplier to switch your electric supply service to that supplier. The supplier will notify Penelec, and we will send you a letter confirming your selection.
Questions to Ask
Here are some questions to ask suppliers as you shop for a new supplier:

What is your price per kilowatt-hour?

Is your price fixed or does it depend on usage or on the time of day?

What is the length of the agreement if I sign up with you?

Is there a cancellation fee?

Are there any other fees, such as a monthly service fee?

Is there a bonus for signing up with you?

Will I receive one bill or two?

Do you offer a choice of energy sources, such as renewable energy?

Do you offer any other services?

What are your customer service hours?

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