Frequently Asked Questions

What is my price to compare?

The price to compare is the figure you use to compare prices and calculate potential savings among suppliers. The price to compare includes both the cost of generation and the cost of transmitting power from the source of generation to Penelec's distribution system.

You will save money if you can find a supplier that will sell you electricity for a price that is less than your price to compare.

Penelec's Waverly customers may call the company's Retail Choice Center toll-free at 1-888-478-2300 if they do not know their price to compare.

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Where can I get a list of the suppliers serving Waverly customers?

If you need a list of suppliers, you can go to the New York Public Service Commission's website at*. You also can receive one by mail by calling FirstEnergy's Retail Choice Center toll-free at 1-888-478-2300.

*By clicking this link you are leaving the FirstEnergy website and entering a website maintained by New York State Public Service Commission. New York State Public Service Commission is entirely responsible for the content of this website.

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Will my electric service be less reliable if I choose a supplier to supply my electricity?

No. Your participation in the program will not affect the reliability of your electric service.

Penelec will continue to be responsible for delivering power over our wires to all customers in our service area, regardless of which Energy Service Company they have chosen. This delivery service will continue to be subject to regulation by the New York Public Service Commission.

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Whom do I call if my power goes off?

Penelec is responsible for restoring your electric service during outages. Call the company toll-free at 1-800-545-7738 to report a power outage.

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