Types of Electric Suppliers

The third-party supplier you choose might be a firm located in New Jersey or elsewhere in the U.S. If you decide not to choose a supplier right away, Jersey Central Power & Light Company (JCP&L) will continue to supply your electric generation until you do. The following are some of the types of third-party suppliers.

  • Aggregator - A buying group/organization that negotiates prices for a group of customers or a company that purchases a product, such as energy, in bulk for resale to retail customers.
  • Electricity (or Power) Marketer - A company that acts as a coordinator or broker, and obtains energy from any source or combination of sources, including independent generators, utility system power or spot purchases, for delivery to a utility or end user.
  • Electricity Supplier - A company that sells electric supply and services, such as billing or metering services.

All third-party suppliers must be licensed by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU), including municipalities and boroughs that want to provide service outside their municipal limits. Rural electric cooperatives must have a certificate to supply service outside their areas. All licensed suppliers will be required to furnish a bond that will ensure their financial responsibility and the supply of electricity to satisfy their contracts.

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Last Modified: January 25, 2019