Frequently Asked Questions

Will my electric service be less reliable if I participate in Maryland's Electric Choice program?

No. Your participation in the Maryland Electric Choice program will not affect the reliability of your electric service.

Potomac Edison will continue to be responsible for delivering power over their wires to all customers in their service areas, regardless of which electric generation supplier customers have chosen. This service will continue to be subject to regulation by the Maryland Public Service Commission (MsPSC).


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Whom do I call if my power goes off?

Potomac Edison will be responsible for restoring your electric service during outages. Call either company toll-free at 800-827-0048 to report a power outage.

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If I choose another electric generation supplier, will I receive two electric bills?

Potomac Edison customers who select an alternative electric generation supplier may have the option to choose to receive one or two bills for their electric service. In the single-bill option, customers will receive one bill that includes Potomac Edison distribution charges and their electric generation supplier's charges. In the two-bill or dual bill option, customers will receive one bill from Potomac Ediston that reflects the distribution charges and one bill from their electric generation supplier that reflects the generation charges.

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Whom do I call with questions about my electric bill?

Customers should call the Retail Choice Center at 800-827-0048 with questions about Potomac Edison charges. Customers should call the supplier directly with questions about its charges. The supplier's phone number is listed on each customer's electric bill.

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