New Rate System

The naming convention for rate names has changed. Before, each rate name was supplier specific. Going forward, a generic rate name will be used. For example, a rate of 5 cents per kwh for XYZ Supplier might have been named XYZ-005, now it will be named GEN-005. This only applies to new rate change requests. The new naming convention is beneficial because it allows us to quickly turnaround rate change requests. The list of rates already programmed can be found below.

Generic Rates



Rate Category Conversion

The SAP Rate Categories link below contains the new rate categories that have been assigned to Ohio Edison Company, The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, The Toledo Edison Company, and Pennsylvania Power Company customers. The file also contains the corresponding tariff sheet number for each rate category. These rate categories may appear on billing reports, customer eligibility files, usage reports, and EDI transactions.

Each operating company has a separate tab which lists the new SAP Rate Category in alphabetical order. The Quick Reference Card provides a conversion of the Legacy CIS Rates to the SAP Rate Categories.