Nuclear Engineering Technology

Nuclear power is a safe, reliable and environmentally sound source of electricity, with 99 nuclear plants producing approximately 20 percent of the nation’s electricity and 4 new power plants under construction. With industry studies indicating that a significant portion of the nuclear plant workforce is nearing retirement within the next ten years, there is an increasing demand for nuclear plant operators and technicians.

To help meet this need, we have teamed up with two community colleges to offer Nuclear Engineering Technology training programs that provide students with the education, experience and skills necessary to start a career in this challenging and rewarding field. With curriculums being revised to meet the industry-recognized National Academy for Nuclear Training standards, many of the courses are taught by current or former FirstEnergy employees who have firsthand knowledge of the nuclear industry.

Well-qualified students may be given the opportunity to complete an internship at one of our nuclear power plants. When available, these internships require that the student has completed the first two semesters of coursework, earned a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, and successfully passed the Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI) POSS/MASS test.

Students who successfully complete the two-year academic program will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science degree in Nuclear Engineering Technology, and will be given consideration for full-time employment with FirstEnergy upon graduation. To learn more about the operation and maintenance jobs at our nuclear power plants, please visit our Nuclear Opportunities page.

For more information on the Nuclear Engineering Technology program, please visit the schools’ websites.*

To learn more about the nuclear industry and other career opportunities available, please visit the Nuclear Energy Institute website at

To prepare for the required EEI testing, use the free testing brochures and online practice tests provided by EEI and made available on our EEI Testing page.

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