Ohio's First Nuclear Power Station

Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, Ohio’s first nuclear power plant, is located 35 miles east of Toledo. The single reactor plant produced its first electricity in 1977. Today, the plant produces 40 percent of the electricity used by residences, businesses and industries in northwestern Ohio.


  • Davis-Besse is among Ottawa County’s largest employers with more than 700 full-time employees.
  • The Davis-Besse plant contributes more than $10 million annually in local and state taxes.
  • In December 2015, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved a 20-year license extension for Davis-Besse, and the plant is licensed to operate through 2037.
  • More than 733 of the 954 acres that comprise the Davis-Besse site have been designated as protected wetlands called the Navarre Marsh. This marsh is part of a major migratory pathway for birds and is home to several American Bald Eagle nesting sites.


North American Young Generation in Nuclear

The Davis-Besse chapter of North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NAYGN) is dedicated to developing the next generation of nuclear professionals. Learn more about this unique organization and upcoming events sponsored by Davis-Besse NAYGN. 

Last Modified: April 21, 2017