Mercantile Customer Program

In accordance with House Bill 6, to allow time for processing and PUCO approval, the Mercantile Customer Program will accept completed applications through August 31, 2020.


Have an energy efficiency project that's already completed?

Mercantile customers of Ohio Edison, The Illuminating Company or Toledo Edison (FirstEnergy Ohio utilities) who have already completed an energy efficiency project may be eligible to participate in the Mercantile Customer Program. Under this program, customers have the option of committing their energy efficiency savings to the FirstEnergy utilities in exchange for an exemption from the DSE2 rider, a cash rebate, or a commitment payment.

A "mercantile customer" is a commercial or industrial customer who uses more than 700,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year for non-residential purposes, or who is part of a national account that includes multiple facilities in one or more states. (O.R.C. Sec 4928.01).

What are my incentive options?

Under this program, customers who have done an energy efficiency project involving a capital investment, must choose whether they wish to receive a cash rebate or an exemption from the DSE2 rider. In order to receive either the cash rebate or an exemption, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio must approve the customer’s application.

Option 1 - Cash Rebate: The cash rebate under the Mercantile Customer Program is 75 percent of what the project would qualify for under the FirstEnergy Utilities Incentive Programs at the time of application submission. These rebates are capped at 50 percent of the total project cost or $250,000 per project, whichever is lowest. Combined Heat & Power (CHP) projects are not subject to the $250,000 project rebate cap.

Option 2 - DSE2 Rider Exemption: 
To receive exemption from the rider, your project savings as compared to your annual energy usage must meet or exceed your utility’s statutory benchmark, and you will be eligible to receive the exemption for as long as your project meets those standards, up to 24 months. In order to continue the exemption beyond the initial 24 month period, your organization will need to provide annual certifications that energy savings are still being delivered for the duration of the exemption period.

All projects are subject to measurement and verification by the FirstEnergy utilities’ evaluator.

What if I have a project that was behavioral or had no associated capital investment?

Behavioral and Operational Improvement projects may still be eligible for a commitment payment through the Mercantile Customer Program. The customer may reapply annually, as long as the project is still producing energy savings.

For additional information, please contact your utility customer service representative listed below. The representative can explain the application process and answer any questions about the program.

The Illuminating Company Customers

Amy Hopkins
The Illuminating Company

Ohio Edison Customers
Mike Orban
Ohio Edison

Toledo Edison Customers
Greg Flaczynski
Toledo Edison

Or, you may work through one of the following organizations:

  • COSE
  • Industrial Energy Users – Ohio
  • Ohio Manufacturers' Association
  • County Commissioners’ Association of Ohio
  • Association of Independent Colleges & Universities