*NEW*: Customers rebuilding following Hurricane Sandy should review these guidelines prior to new construction or rebuilding.

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  1. Do you reimburse for food loss or damaged equipment during an outage?

    Outages due to weather are beyond our control, and although we attempt to restore power as quickly and safely as possible, extensive damage can take several days to repair. Unfortunately, FirstEnergy does not reimburse customers for equipment damaged or food lost during a weather-related outage. Customers should contact their renters or homeowners insurance carrier to determine if their policies cover such losses.
  2. Do I receive a credit on my electric bill for the time I was without power?

    You are only charged for the amount of electricity you use. During the time your service was interrupted your meter did not register electric usage and you will not be charged for any consumption.
  3. Why did I receive an estimated bill that doesn't account for my outage?

    Many customers who lost their service due to Hurricane Sandy and the nor'easter are receiving estimated bills. Most of these estimates were due to the severe weather, which required us to reassign meter readers from their normal routes and schedules to help with the service restoration efforts. 

    Your bill will automatically be adjusted to reflect your actual usage after your next meter reading. If you prefer, you may call us at 1-800-662-3115, or click here to provide an actual meter reading and you may receive an adjusted bill. 

    For bills processed after November 16 and through December 1, an extended outage is being factored into the estimate. Customers in this part of the billing cycle may still provide an actual meter reading by calling us at 1-800-662-3115, or by clicking here to submit a reading online
  4. There are rumors that JCP&L ran out of utility poles and/or other equipment. Is this true?

    This is false. There was not a shortage of utility poles or other equipment needed in the restoration process.
  5. Before the Hurricane, you said that you upgraded your system and were prepared for the storm. Why were restoration times as long as Irene and the snowstorm?

    This year alone, we spent more than $200 million to enhance our system.  We made early preparations for Hurricane Sandy, positioning 1,400 linemen and 1,200 forestry workers, plus other safety and support personnel days before Hurricane Sandy reached landfall. As you probably know from seeing some of the devastation, Hurricane Sandy was far worse than Hurricane Irene or last year’s October snowstorm.  In fact, it rivals one of the nation’s most serious storms, Hurricane Katrina. 
  6. I heard that some non-union line crews were turned away by JCP&L.  Is that true?

    Despite erroneous news media reports, JCP&L did not at any time refuse help from non-union or other available crews.  The magnitude of this restoration effort requires plenty of assistance and JCP&L has been grateful for the support other companies have offered by sending their crews to assist. 

We will continue to provide information on our 24/7 Power Center Outage Maps,  on Facebook and on Twitter, as well as through news releases.

Last Modified: November 20, 2012