These organizations provide educational material about electricity and electric generation.*

Electricity Education

Students and teachers will find electrical energy information and resources at the Energyquest website. The site includes games and activities that help students understand energy-related concepts.

The Ohio Energy Project
The Ohio Energy Project works with teachers and school districts across Ohio on energy education.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory supplies free and low-cost instructional material such as posters, slides, videotapes, and "Toys for Science Teaching." A complete list of available material can be viewed here.

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy Institute
Looking for more information about nuclear energy, how electricity is produced from nuclear fuel, or how waste is disposed of safely? Then check out the Nuclear Energy Institute's website. This website features a section for teachers and students called "Science Club" where you can check out experiments and games for students of all ages. For a complimentary packet of information on nuclear energy, call 202-739-8000 or visit their website.

American Nuclear Society (ANS)
For information about educational topics, teacher workshops, brochures, and more, visit the American Nuclear Society (ANS) public information website. ANS also offers a free newsletter for teachers that includes articles on everyday use of the atom and a classroom activity in every issue.

Hydropower Technology

Two websites that offer downloadable curriculum material on hydropower are the Foundation for Water and Energy Education, and the National Hydropower Association.

A Hoover Dam Learning Packet is provided by the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Reclamation. The website also includes the Hoover Dam story, tour information, and a virtual tour.

Wind Power Technology

Middle school students will enjoy exploring how a wind turbine works with the help of cartoon character, "Miller." This website includes ideas for wind generation educational activities and a teacher's guide.

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