Electronics Repair

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Electronics Repair and Refurbishment

  • Comprehensive array of repair capabilities for all industries
  • Nuclear safety-related and non-safety capability including commercial grade dedication testing
  • Specialize in troubleshooting and repair of obsolete electronic equipment
  • Spare circuit board and electronic module condition assessment for critical inventory
  • Failed component identification
  • Component functional testing
  • Specialized test fixtures for functional testing, burning and duty cycling

Electronics Failure Analysis

  • Extensive multi-discipline analytical techniques including electronic/electrical, mechanical, environmental, microscopic and chemical
  • Component and sub-component level failure analysis via microscopic or advanced analytical techniques
  • Component by component circuit mapping via automated test instrumentation (also used for post repair validation and spare parts validation)
  • Root Cause investigation support including detailed documentation for nuclear utility customers
  • Preventive action and repair recommendations
  • Complete mock-up testing with temperature and humidity to recreate failure conditions