Lordstown-Sammis 345-kV Loop to Wellsville Substation Project, OPSB Case No. 19-0802-EL-BNR

In this project, ATSI will extend a loop from the existing Lordstown-Sammis 345-kV transmission line approximately 725 feet (0.14 mile) to the new interconnection switchyard for the South Field Energy’s – Wellsville facility, which will be known as the Wellsville Substation. This will create the Lordstown-Wellsville 345-kV and Sammis-Wellsville 345-kV transmission lines. The transmission line loop will require installation of two new 3-pole steel deadend structures on concrete foundation and two new 2-pole steel H-Frame tangent structures on concrete foundation. The project will be located in the Village of Wellsville, Columbiana County, Ohio.

Project Documents

A paper copy of the application can be supplied within 5 business days upon request at no more than the cost or printing and shipping. Request for a paper copy can be made by contacting the transmission project hotline at 1-800-589-2837 or by email. The project name and case number (19-0802-EL-BNR) should be referenced in all communications.