Ashland Substation & 138 kV Transmission Lines Structure Addition Project, OPSB Case No. 20-1459-EL-BLN

In this project, ATSI will construct the new Ashland 138/69-kV Substation, along with associated transmission line connections. The Ashland substation will be configured to include terminals for five transmission lines (two 138-kV transmission lines and three 69-kV transmission lines). Connecting the transmission lines into the new substation will involve the addition of two single steel monopoles and the removal of one existing steel lattice tower from the existing double-circuit Brookside-Howard and Brookside-Leaside 138-kV Transmission Lines corridor. New 795 kcmil 26/7 ACSR and 556.5 kcmil 26/7 ACSR conductors will replace the existing 336.4 kcmil 18/7 ACSS/TW conductor between the substation and the new steel monopoles. The project is located in Milton Township and the City of Ashland, Ashland County Ohio.

Project Documents

A paper copy of the application can be supplied within 5 business days upon request at no more than the cost of printing and shipping. Request for a paper copy can be made by contacting the transmission project hotline at 1-800-589-2837 or by e-mail. Please reference the project name and case number (20-1459-EL-BLN) in all communications.